The Best Lemon Bars Ever

January 5, 2006 at 5:57 am (A (4 stars, love, favorite), Derek's faves, Dessert, Necessarily nonvegan, Other, Pies and custards, Spring recipes, Summer recipes, Winter recipes)

This is the recipe for Lemon Bars from Fine Cooking, Summer 2002. My friend Spoons made these lemon bars for us, and we quickly agreed that they were the best lemon bars ever. Unlike most lemon bars, they have an intense lemon flavor without being sickly sweet. Don’t get me wrong, they’re sweet, but the sweetness is balanced by the perfect level of tart/sour. We got the recipe from Spoons, and I’ve since made them a few times and they taste almost as good as his, although I’m sloppier and lazier so they don’t look as pretty. I haven’t made these recently but I came across the recipe in my email and thought I might as well post it here for safe keeping. I am sure I will be making these again sometime–with free-range eggs, of course.

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