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May 3, 2006 at 6:31 am (Product Reviews)

I am what Derek calls a teetotaler. I’ve never been a fan of coffee, and don’t really like any alcohol either. Juice is delicious but the calories add up fast. What does that leave? Tea.

Why drink tea?

  • Tea is a very healthy way to satisfy a sweet-tooth craving.
  • Tea is a great way to train the palate. After I tried lavender tea for the first time I could pick out the lavender flavor in my salad dressed with herbs de Provence. I never really knew what turmeric tasted like until I made myself a cup of straight turmeric tea.
  • Many teas are full of antioxidants.
  • Hot tea is a marvelous thing to bring to the movies. I always seem to want popcorn or candy or some such thing, even if I’m not really hungry. Instead I bring my largest mug and buy a big mug of a very fragrant tea. It lasts me a good half hour and I’m always happy.
  • Herbal teas make it easier to get in the recommended amounts of water each day, without feeling like you’re forcing it down.

Simple herbal or spice teas:

  • lavender tea is pale purple, floral, and delicious
  • plain ginger is intense but very soothing
  • plain turmeric is very strong and metallic tasting, but not unpleasant. Give it a try sometime.
  • burdock?
  • dry lemongrass?

Homemade herbal blends:

  • fresh ginger and fresh lemongrass is intense and wonderful
  • lemongrass and chamomile?

Proprietary blends:

  • Stash’s lemon ginger tea is very good, but hard to find in Pittsburgh. If anyone knows of a local vendor please let me know.
  • Celestial Seasonings’ Red zinger makes great ice tea, but I don’t like it hot
  • Good Earth tea is so cinnamon-y, I love it.
  • I tried Celestial Seasonings Roastaroma but didn’t enjoy it at first. I thought it was dirty tasting and not sweet enough. Lately I’ve been enjoying it more. Its bitterness helps keep sweet cravings at bay.

Green tea:

I’m pretty picky about my green tea, but I like the yogi tea green tea super anti-oxidant pretty well. I also really like green tea with mint.
Black tea:

White tea:

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