Molasses Yogurt

October 18, 2006 at 6:29 pm (breakfast, My brain, Quick weeknight recipe, unrated)

I like blackstrap molasses, but have trouble finding non-dessert recipes that call for it. Last night I put 1/2 Tbs. molasses in 1/2 cup nonfat organic plain yogurt. I enjoyed it. In the past I have added lemon juice as well, which added a pleasant acidity.

Dr. Michael Greger in his anti-cancer talk said that we should never eat a citrus fruit without using the zest. So I thought I might add the zest from my grapefruit to 1 cup of molasses yogurt…. Woah. That’s intense. A whole grapefruit’s worth of zest makes it pretty bitter. The combination of the sour yogurt, the minerally molasses, and the bitter zest makes it taste almost alcoholic. Maybe half a grapefruit’s worth would be better.

I’m still looking for other non-dessert blackstrap recipes. If you have one to recommend please post a comment!

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