What’s (not) in a name?

January 8, 2007 at 12:37 am (Uncategorized)

I just noticed that another blogger (who I don’t know) linked to my blog on their sidebar. How exciting! Then I noticed that my blog had the longest name of all the 20 or so vegetarian cooking blogs she linked to. Oy.

When my blog was over at blogger it was called veggieheaven. But blogger’s search was totally broken, so I came over here to wordpress. When I moved the blog I decided that veggieheaven was a bit too optimistic and/or egotistical. So I changed it to the current title, which is supposed to reflect more of my nit-picky approach to recipe blogging. When I chose this title, I had no idea that no one, not one of my Phd-pursuing peers, knows what captious means. The only person I’ve met who’d even heard the word captious before was my father. But he didn’t like the title–said captious had overly negative connotations. Derek didn’t like it either–at first. He wanted me to change it to veggiesaurus. I was hesitant–it seems like what you’d call a vegetarian thesaurus or dictionary or something, not a recipe blog. In any case, now he claims captious is fine–it’s grown on him he says.

But I thought I’d ask my loyal readers–all five of you. How’s the name? Too long? Too esoteric? Just right?

If you don’t like it, have any better ideas? I really like vegendary, which is supposed to be a play on vegetarian and legendary, but my brother says it sounds like vegetables and dairy. But isn’t that what I eat???

In any case, I’m counting on you for feedback and/or new ideas. After all, it is the new year. Maybe it’s time for my blog to get a new name.


  1. Chelsye said,

    I think your title is brilliant. Don’t change a thing. I just stumbled across your blog tring to figure out how to eat tofu. I’ve recently decided to become a vegetarian and growing up in the south means I have no idea how to cook anything but biscuits and gravy and fried pork chops. I don’t even know where to start. I have bookmarked your blog. I am wondering though – are you vegan or vegetarian? And is your mother vegetarian? Is Derek your son? It would be great if you would post a little bio on your home page. Regards, Chelsye

  2. Susan said,

    The title is you.
    ” captious: Marked by a disposition to find and point out trivial faults”
    Don’t change it.
    Your vegan mother.

  3. KathyF said,

    I like your name too. But then I’m pretty captious myself. (I like to think of it as meaning “captivating” but am told I’m more like the traditional meaning of the word.)

  4. pennylane said,

    Oh, I just saw this post. Don’t change the name – it’s great!

    (People really don’t know what “captious” means?!)

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