Soybeans. Not edamame. Soybeans. And the vegan triumvirate.

February 1, 2007 at 5:56 pm (Beans, Dark leafy greens, Grains, My brain, Soybeans & edamame, unrated)

Yes, yes, I know edamame are all the rage, and I like them, I do. But how come no one ever eats good old mature soybeans that have been dried and cooked like any other bean? Personally, I love soybeans. They’re definitely one of my favorite beans. And my very favorite way to eat them is with the great vegan triumvirate. The what?

The Vegan Triumvirate:

  • Nutritional yeast. Your first sniff might induce high school gym locker nostalgia. By the third taste, you’ll be hooked. Hard to describe, but has that umame flavor.
  • Soy sauce. Tofu, tempeh, soybeans–they just aren’t the same without soy sauce. Pour the stuff on–sodium be damned!
  • Olive oil. The fat of the gods for vegans, and everyone else too.

There is no better way to eat soybeans then a big soupy bowl tossed with the vegan triumvirate. Other favorite triumvirate settings:

  • whole wheat pasta. I call this one “dessert.” IMHO, it’s better than any other possible pasta dish you could ever conceive.
  • brown rice. Makes us fight over the brown rice leftovers.
  • un-tumericified scrambled tofu. See my recipe in this blog.
  • nofu. See my recipe in this blog.
  • on bean sprouts.  I know, this one sounds really weird, but it’s good!  The sprouts are crunchy and refreshing, with a mild enough flavor for the triumvurate to shine through.  Actually, I left the oil out on this one, and it was tasty.

I also put the triumvirate on greens, and broccoli. It’s good, but not as perfect a match. Recently I tried it on frozen green beans that I dug out of Derek’s freezer. Despite the severe freezer burn (who knows how long they had been in there) they were actually pretty good. The triumvirate saves all.

Update August 7, 2011:

Nutritional Yeast Goes Mainstream

This just in from Cook’s Illustrated

Despite its clinical—sounding name, nutritional yeast was a big hit for seasoning popcorn, with tasters describing its effect as “tangy,” “nutty,” “cheesy,” and “addictive.” The key is its high level of glutamic acid, the main chemical compound responsible for boosting the umami taste in food.

Now if they would just go beyond popcorn and try nutritional yeast with soy sauce and olive oil!

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