Fennel Salad

January 13, 2008 at 2:44 pm (Salads, unrated, Website / blog)

I really like the idea of a fennel salad, but haven’t yet made a fennel salad I really like. Last week I tried making a salad inspired by this recipe: spanish fennel and orange salad from Cooking Light. Unfortunately, I started off poorly because the orange I bought weren’t the greatest: they were not very flavorful and kind of stringy. I didn’t have red onions, or orange juice, so instead added in some minced preserved lemons. The preserved lemons were a mistake; the brininess and aged flavor did not mesh with the bright flavors of the orange and mint. In general the flavor of the salad was just too muddy–too many different things going on. It needed to be simpler with fewer ingredients. Probably mint and fennel would be a good combo, or coriander and fennel, or orange and fennel, but not orange and mint and coriander… The yogurt didn’t add anything, just muddied up what should have been a salad with a crisp, refreshing texture. The salad wasn’t terrible the first day, but the next day the oranges had gotten totally soggy and pretty unappetizing, and the whole thing was a soupy mess. I had to toss it.

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  1. Sarah said,

    I agree that adding ground coriander is total overkill. I usually make this salad for mother’s day brunch. It’s a bit different but quite tasty. One trick is to salt/rinse/dain the fennel a bit before – it must stay crunchy but it just lightens the anis-y flavour a bit.

    I use:
    Fennel, oranges (and the the juice after cutting the wedges), pommegranite seeds, white balsamic vinegar, ex. virgin oilve oil and black pepper.

    PS. like the blog!

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