Seeking recipe: communist chip cookies

January 24, 2008 at 1:08 am (Cookies, Dessert)

My junior year of college I moved into the House of Commons housing cooperative. My first year at the co-op I was responsible for cooking Friday night dinner along with Heather, a rail-thin hyperactive Nia teacher. She was friendly and fun but unreliable, and tended to drift off into her own world while we cooked. I learned quickly that before addressing her in the kitchen I should say her name–“Heather”–wait for her to make eye contact, and only then talk to her. Otherwise she wouldn’t hear a word. Despite her quirks, one thing she did do reliably was bake great vegan cookies. My favorite were these crunchy, nutty, delicious cookies she called communist chip cookies. I gathered that Heather didn’t invent the recipe, it was passed on from co-op generation to generation. The name, however, was a mystery. “Why Communist cookies?” I asked. One theory was that it was because there was a little of everything in these cookies (peanut butter, chocolate chips, raisins, nuts, cinnamon…). Others thought they were called communist because they were developed by a member of the cooperative. Regardless of the proper derivation, they were very tasty cookies. Sadly, however, in the intervening years I’ve misplaced the recipe, and Google seems to have never heard of communist chip cookies. Anyone out there from my co-op days that still has a copy? Or have a recipe for something similar?

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