A Craving for Baklava

March 19, 2008 at 11:32 am (Dessert, My brain, Other, Quick weeknight recipe, unrated)

I was never a huge fan of baklava, until I tried the baklava at Santorini in Chicago. I think I liked their baklava so much because they use a lot of high quality cinnamon, and I love cinnamon. Now, anyone who follow my blog knows that I am a lazy cook, too lazy to make real baklava. So when a baklava craving hit me yesterday, I whipped this very simple concoction up instead.

  • one apple, sliced
  • a big spoonful of nut butter (I used a mixture of almond, cashew, peanut, and a fourth nut which I can’t recall, perhaps walnut?)
  • a small spoonful of not-too-strong-tasting honey
  • lots and lots of cinnamon

Mix all the ingredients except for the apple together in a small bowl. Stand the apple slices up so that they surround the nut butter mixture, and go all the way around the bowl. No utensils needed: this is finger food.Derek was skeptical when I offered him a bite, as he claims to not care for apples, but he clearly liked my cinnamon concoction as we had a little fight about who would get the last bite.

I haven’t been posting many recipes lately, because I haven’t been cooking all that much lately, and what I have been cooking is old recipes. For example, last night for dinner I made a bit pot of chili and a side of sesame broccoli. It was yummy, but not novel. That’s the problem with this blog getting so big: most of what I make is likely to already be posted on the blog. As part of a new cooking club I joined, however, I’ll be trying a new recipe for chickpea cutlets from Veganomicon later in the week.

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