Is there any locally made tempeh available in NYC?

October 8, 2009 at 2:15 pm (Uncategorized)

I want to cook tempeh when I’m in NYC, but I’d prefer not to buy the mediocre stuff from Lightlife or White Wave.  Does anyone know of any tempeh that’s locally made, or at least better than the national brands?  I did an internet search but didn’t find anything.

Update December 13, 2009:

When I was in NYC I found two brands of tempeh:  Lightlife and Soy Boy.  Neither of them tasted as good as the tempeh I get here in Saarbruecken.  They were both thinner and harder in texture.



  1. Drew said,

    My favorite tempeh is made by Northern Soy, aka SoyBoy, of Rochester

    • captious said,

      Can I buy Northern Soy in NYC? Where? Is Rochester really the closest tempeh producing facility?

      • Drew said,

        sorry, don’t know the answer to your questions, but if you do look for it the brand will be SoyBoy

  2. Barry Schwartz said,

    hi, i am beginning to make local made fresh tempeh here in Brooklyn and would love to hook you up as well as anyone out there. we are making all kinds of cool tempeh, last week white bean and herb de provence, 2 nights ago black bean and cumin and tonight i am going to play with yellow split peas to see if they will work. we are going into production just for individuals and restaurants and making small batch tempeh. It is so delicious and nothing like store bought. you can contact us @

    • captious said,

      Thanks Barry. I’ll hopefully check out your tempeh next time I’m in NYC.

      • Gordon Bennett said,

        I found fresh Barry’s Tempeh made by a company called Grown In Brooklyn.

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