Tofu burgers

August 19, 2010 at 1:05 pm (101 cookbooks, C (2 stars, okay, edible), Tofu)

I saw the recent post on 101 cookbooks for tofu burgers, and I figured I had to try them.  I still don’t have a food-processor, so I made only half the recipe in my mini-processor.  I laughed when I went to put in the mushrooms and discovered that 27 grams of mushroom is only one large mushroom!  The recipe calls for 1/4 cup bread crumbs, but my 1/4 cup of panko only weighed about 14 grams, so I doubled the amount.  Other than that, I made the burgers exactly as the recipe described, but my burgers weren’t nearly as brown as the one in the photo.  It looked more like tofu with brown speckles on it.  It was definitely cooked through though.  The flavor wasn’t bad–a little nutty, but ultimately rather bland.  We ate our burgers with tomato and red onion, but the burger couldn’t really stand up to the intense onion flavor.  The burgers did hold together quite well though.  The texture was certainly better than the texture of other tofu burgers I’ve made in the past.  I might use this recipe as a base recipe, and add more seasonings next time.  But I don’t think I’d make this exactly recipe as written again.  Rating:  somewhere between a B and a B-.


  1. Johanna W. said,

    I think that homemade veggie burgers are tough in general. Whenever I follow recipes, I also never seem to get that same “browning.” The best ones I made in the last several months, I made from inside my own head, therefore can never be created again. I really would prefer a burger without eggs and dairy, but it’s really hard to get them from falling apart. Now that I’m getting some local, organic eggs, I use them once in a while. Trader Joe’s now has a new burger in the frozen section that I tried last night, and they were really good. I work there, and I’m still rarely impressed with the vegetarian options. These are made out of freekah (sp?) wheat (like wheat berries) and held together with egg. They’re nice and they browned nicely. I also had them partly defrosted by the time I cooked them (45 min. commute) so they didn’t burn before they browned. Give them a go if you have a TJ’s near you. They’re only $3.39 for 4 burgers.

  2. Johanna W. said,

    I mean they didn’t burn before they were cooked inside….burned before they browned…that doesn’t make any sense…hehehe

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