Mushroom, barley, white bean soup

July 30, 2011 at 7:10 pm (Beans, B_minus (2 stars, okay), My brain, soup)

I felt like beans and had some mushrooms in the fridge, so figured I’d try making a mushroom white bean soup.  I also added some barley because I wanted to use up the end of it.  So I cooked about 1 cup of (dry) white beans and 1/4-1/3 cup of (hulled, not pearled) barley together until soft.  I’m not sure what kind of white beans they were–maybe great northern?  The label on the bag just said “white beans,” but in German 🙂

Toward the end of the cooking time I added salt and a few pieces of broken up porcini mushrooms.  I briefly sauteed some crimini mushrooms and some onions and then tossed them in the soup.  I might have also added some herbs (parsley?) or spices.  It was a few weeks ago now, so I’ve forgotten the details. But I remember that Derek loved it, and I was half surprised because he normally doesn’t like how I cook mushrooms, and half unsurprised because it reminded me of the mushroom, fennel, noodles soup I made last year, and he had loved that.  Both were brothy soups with a lot of mushroom flavor. Obviously he likes such soups.  He also liked the white beans and the barley.  Success!

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