A lasagna for every season

August 7, 2011 at 7:42 pm (Pasta, Starches, Uncategorized)

In updating a recipe on this blog I noticed that I have quite a few lasagna recipes, all of which are vegetarian (of course), but quite different from one another. I also noticed that in the various recipes I tend to spell lasagna two different ways (either with an “a” or with an “e” at the end).  I looked it up and apparently “lasagna” is the singular, but in Italy only the plural “lasagne” is used.  But I think I prefer the American spelling, which allows you to distinguish between one lasagna and multiple lasagnas. Below are the five lasagnas I make.  None of these lasagnas are perfect. But they’re all good enough that I’ve made them more than once. If anyone has the ultimate vegetarian lasagne recipe, please do post a comment.

The labeling of seasons isn’t perfect. For the winter lasagna you’d have to use summer basil that you froze (in an ice cube tray, for instance). And I often can’t find fresh thyme in the summer here in Germany.


  1. Michel Monette said,

    In French we say “lasagne” (singular) and “lasagnes” (plural). Il like your recipes. Most often I do “eggplant lasagna”, with no pasta. Can we call it lasagna? I don not know but it is so good.

  2. antigone said,

    The fall and winter links aren’t working, can you please fix them? I’d like to try them. Thanks!

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