Beet and purslane salad with raspberry vinegar

September 21, 2013 at 8:54 pm (Uncategorized)

I see purslane (Portulaca in German) in the Turkish Market here once a year, for about a week, then it’s gone.  So when I see it, I grab it up.   Today I enjoyed it for dinner two different ways.  First I made a salad of diced beets, fresh purslane, some grated parmesan, and raspberry vinegar.  Then as my second course, I sautéed the remaining leaves and smaller stems briefly, then added an egg to make a purslane scrambled egg, which was also very tasty.  I wish I had bought more!  Maybe they’ll still have it on Monday…


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  1. Christina said,

    I am with you! Purslane is one of my yearly treats. We get it in our farm share. Most people walk right by it, but I grab as much as possible:)

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