Oatmeal-less oatmeal

August 10, 2014 at 8:44 pm (breakfast, Website / blog)

I bought a new bottle of grade C maple syrup at Al Natura last week, and Derek really wanted to try it, but we were out of oatmeal. Forced to improvise, I decided to make this “better than oatmeal” recipe, which is basically mashed banana mixed with eggs, pecans, and spices. Weird, no?

I followed the recipe carefully, even going so far as to sacrifice the last of my U.S. pecans. The final produce actually did look and smell quite a bit like oatmeal, but the texture was very different. Texturewise, the only redeeming feature were the pecans. Without the pecans I don’t think I would have been able to eat it, as the texture would have been too uninterruptedly weird. The pecans at least added a bit of toothsomeness to the dish, and good flavor.  I ate my bowl of “oatmeal,” not quite liking it but not hating it either. But Derek took one bite and refused to eat any more. He thought it was really gross. I didn’t want to waste it though, so I ate his bowl too. Surprisingly, I didn’t get hungry for lunch until about 4pm! That’s quite a long time, considering that the recipe probably doesn’t have that many calories. Maybe its somewhat offputting nature makes the dish more filling?

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