Brown rice supper with tofu, peanut sauce, and stir-fried carrots

December 31, 2015 at 12:07 pm (C (1 star, edible), Deborah Madison, East and SE Asia, Fall recipes, Grains, Root vegetables, Sauce/dressing, Spring recipes, Tofu, Uncategorized, Winter recipes)

In the 70s and 80s many vegetarian restaurants offered some kind of brown rice bowl, which consisted of some combination of borwn rice, tofu, beans, veggies, and a sauce. In NYC in Angelica Kitchen they called it the Dragon Bowl. It’s simple, hearty, co-op food—nothing fancy, but tasty and filling. So when I asked Derek to pick a recipe for dinner last night, he picked this “brown rice supper” menu from Deborah Madison’s Vegetarian Suppers cookbook.

For a simple weeknight dinner, it seemed to have a lot of components. I first made the brown rice, then browned some tofu. Derek made the peanut sauce, and I used my tofu skillet to stir-fry my carrots. I also made a quick savoy cabbage stir-fry, since I had some cabbage I wanted to use up, and I thought that just carrots wasn’t quite enough vegetable for a rice bowl dinner.

Madison’s peanut sauce recipe is quite green, with lots of cilantro and lime zest and juice, plus some mint. Neither Derek nor I cared for it that much. The lime flavor seemed to dominate, and add a harsh note. It was more lime sauce than peanut sauce.

The carrot recipe was fine. You basically just roll cut the carrots, quick stir-fry them with ginger slivers in a little oil, then add a little soy sauce and some water, steam until soft, then throw in some scallions at the end and reduce the liquid to a glaze. They tasted fine, but weren’t exciting. I would make the carrots again if I had ginger and scallions on hand, but I wouldn’t be in a rush.

We’ll keep looking for a rice bowl + sauce recipe that we love.

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