What to do with a lot of lemon or lime zest?

November 12, 2018 at 8:44 pm (Uncategorized)

I still remember years ago when I attended the vegetarian summer fest and Dr. Michael Greger admonished us (his audience) for regularly throwing away the healthiest part of the lemon—the zest. So now I try to remember to zest my lemons (or other citrus, as long as I bought organic) before I juice them. But what do you do with all that zest?

My Mom had to pick all her Meyer lemons this weekend because they’re expecting a freeze . She asked me for ideas on how to use the zest. Here are my ideas for what to do when you have a lot of lemon or lime zest to use up. Anyone else have great ideas I’m missing?




Bean, lentil, or grain dishes:

Vegetable dishes:

Egg dishes:

Other ideas:

  • maybe add lemon zest to a smoothie? with bee pollen and frozen pineapple? or lime zest with coconut milk, spinach, and mango?

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  1. Andrea said,

    Idea 1: Lemon granola. Our lemon granola with bee pollen was my favourite from the batches we made together! I think lemon granola bars with cranberries and cashews would make a great to-go breakfast or a snack.

    Idea 2: I know that orange zest goes really well with green cardamom in kulfi. I think lemon or lime kulfi would work great, too. What do you think?

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