Instant Pot Lasagna Soup

February 17, 2019 at 11:50 pm (Instant Pot, Italian, Menus, Monthly menu plan, One pot wonders, Pasta, Quick weeknight recipe, soup, Spring recipes, unrated, Website / blog, Winter recipes) ()

I am a member of the Instant Pot Vegan Recipe group on Facebook, and almost every week someone raves about this recipe for Lasagna Soup from Vegan Richa. I like lasagna, but it always takes so long to make. A fast version in the pressure cooker? Sounds good to me!

I’ve made the recipe twice now, with a few modifications (see below). The recipe is pretty fast. You basically just have to chop the onions and other veggies and measure out all the ingredients. Everyone liked it pretty well (even 4-year-old Alma who is normally very suspicious of new “mixed” dishes and Derek who typically disdains soup). It’s surprising how filling it is given that it only calls for 5 ounces of noodles for 2 to 3 servings.  Normally Derek alone will eat at least 4 ounces of noodles! The first time I made it I think we even had a little bit of leftovers! I guess the lentils and veggies and broth make it filling.

The main difficulty I have with this recipe is getting the timing right. The second time I made this I forgot to watch the instant pot and I accidentally let it sit for 12 minutes after it finished the 3 minutes of pressure cooking, instead of 10 minutes. The pasta and zucchini ended up quite overcooked. I need to figure out the perfect timing and make sure to watch the time carefully after it finishes cooking.

The recipe calls for masoor dal, but I only had peeled (but not split) red lentils. So I soaked my red lentils a bit ahead of time, to make sure they’d cook all the way through. That worked fine. I might try adding a bit more lentils next time — 2/3 a cup instead of 1/2 a cup for a doubled recipe.

Besides the tomatoes and onions, the recipe only calls for 1 cup of sliced veggies + 1 cup of packed spinach (for 2 to 3 servings). That seemed quite low to me, so I put in more. Last time I made a doubled recipe and put in one very large zucchini, one very large carrot, and half a large bell pepper (but I didn’t have any spinach). It was a nice amount, but the zucchini and bell pepper ended up quite cooked (partly because of the extra 2 minutes sitting time). I wonder if I could just throw the quick-cooking veggies in at the end after the soup has cooked, and let them cook in the residual heat?

I used 2 cups of passata (flavored with basil and salt) and one whole jar of tomatoes (cut up a bit with scissors). It was a good amount.

I haven’t tried this yet with whole wheat pasta. I’ve been using a white noodle with frilly edges that looks a little like miniature lasagne noodles.

I have un-veganified the recipe by serving it with grated mozzarella and parmesan cheese. Next time I want to try it without the mozzarella.

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