Where to eat in New York City?

October 4, 2009 at 12:23 pm (Restaurant review)

Derek and I are going to New York City soon, and I’m looking for great places to eat.  Although we’ve been to NYC many times, I can’t really think of that many places that I must return to.  I know there must be marvelous places for a vegetarian (and her non-vegetarian foodie husband) to get a great dinner.  Do any of you city-dwellers have some favorites you can suggest? If so, please post a comment with your recommendations.  Restaurants close to the village are preferred.  I’ll post a summary of all our dining experiences after we return.

So far, our tentative plans include Candle Cafe, Blue Hill, Babbo, and maybe Sunday brunch with bagels from Essa Bagels. (Sadly, we can’t get bagels here in Germany).


  1. susan said,

    But you can bake you own bagels,ay?

  2. LS said,

    My personal favorite is Momofuku (www.momofuku.com) – the ultimate foodie place and great place for a vegetarian.

    And a good list with lots of my favorites.

    • captious said,

      What do you get at Momofuku? Derek says it’s supposed to be good, but not very veggie friendly.

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